Common FAQ

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Common FAQs


No, at this time there is a separate UPK Application that allows one to stake their Aion coins.

No, there is no minumum needed to stake with us.
Yes, all that is needed is that you delegate your desired amount of Aion to our Node. This way you will earn more rewards as well!
Yes, with The OAN's UPK Application you can delegate straight from your Ledger Nano S addresses.
We will be charging a 5% commission rate. Depending on the networks participation and Aion coin price. That amount may go up or down in the future.

The OAN's UPK Application makes it simple to view amount delegated and the rewards that are earned in realtime.

As often as you want. The OAN UPK Application has a Withdraw Rewards function that collects your individual rewards from our pool. This does not undelegate your staked Aion and rewards will continue to accumulate.
Yes, you can undelegate the desired amount of Aion from our pool at any time.